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Can mosquito coil incense for pregnant women be used

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Can mosquito - repellent incense be used in pregnant women?

In addition to the unbearable heat of summer, mosquito bites can be very annoying. Mosquito-repellent incense is a daily necessity for many families. Is it harmful to pregnant women? In general, mosquito coils are not recommended for pregnant women.

Is mosquito coil incense harmful to pregnant women

Many pregnant women suffer from mosquito bites, mainly because pregnant women exhale 21 percent more than other women, and exhale moist gases and carbon dioxide that are attractive to mosquitoes. Secondly, pregnant women abdomen temperature relative to other women high, the skin surface of volatile substances, it is easy to be bitten by mosquitoes smell and become the target.

There are two kinds of electric mosquito - repellent incense, which are electric mosquito - repellent incense sheet and electric mosquito - repellent liquid. The principle of electric mosquito repellent incense is the insecticide (pyrethrin) inhaled into the paper or into the liquid, using the heat to evaporate insecticide, the general efficacy can last for 6 to 8 hours.

It is not scientific to say that "the smokeless mosquito coil incense is less harmful than the smokeless mosquito coil incense, and the electric mosquito coil incense is less harmful than the disc type mosquito coil incense". The electric mosquito coil incense and the electric mosquito coil incense are both harmful to some extent, and the effective components are all chemical preparations with insecticidal ingredients, but the difference is only that their carriers are different.

Most effective ingredients is pyrethrin pesticide electric mosquito-repellent incense, and organic fillers, adhesives, dyes and other additives, electric mosquito-repellent incense burning so contains many harmful substances to human body, is likely to induce asthma disease. The second is electric mosquito-repellent incense base material such as incomplete combustion to produce carcinogenic substances, and some compounds may irritate the upper respiratory tract, these substances poisoning can cause a person's nervous system. There is no doubt that electric mosquito coil incense is harmful to pregnant women. In addition to the above risks, organic pollutants in chemicals such as mosquito-repellent incense may affect the intellectual development of the fetus and easily cause neurological disorders in the brain.

Can pregnant women use mosquito - repellent liquid

Electric mosquito repellent incense is mainly because there are certain toxins, both toxic substances, for pregnant women is not healthy. Long - term use of electric mosquito - repellent incense will affect the development of the fetus, more serious may lead to abortion. It is suggested that pregnant friends should pay extra attention to the use of traditional mosquito nets, electric mosquito paddles, etc., can achieve the same effect of mosquito repellent.

Pregnant women are best protected against mosquitoes by mosquito nets, which provide protection while sleeping. Can place a few boxes to uncover inside the bedroom at ordinary times cool cool oil and balm essence, or put 9 blooming nocturne, jasmine flower, milan, mint or rose to wait, mosquito can because cannot bear their odour and avoid. If mosquito bite is really fierce, can complement a bit vitamin B appropriately. In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables can reduce the swelling reaction after being bitten.

Therefore, in order to be on the safe side, pregnant women had better not electric mosquito coil incense.

Precautions for mosquito coil incense for pregnant women

1. When using mosquito-repellent incense, it is best to leave the room half an hour before going to bed and close the room, and open the window again after a period of time.

2, if the room of the mosquito coil incense or electric mosquito coil incense smoke for too long, the air flow is not free, will make pregnant women appear chest tightness, dizziness symptoms, and is not conducive to the development of the fetus. Therefore, pregnant women should not stay too long in the room where the mosquito coil is lit, and it is best to avoid using it all night.

3. When using mosquito repellent incense, do not use mosquito repellent products with excessive drug concentration, because the toxicity will increase accordingly. Just keep the mosquitoes from biting people.

4. Avoid by all means lighting mosquito coil incense in a closed space, which will aggravate the human body's absorption of toxic substances emitted by the mosquito coil incense and is not conducive to human health.

5. When using mosquito coil incense, keep it away from the pregnant mother as far as possible, no matter it is lit or electric.

For pregnant women, the best way to prevent mosquitoes is to use mosquito nets, mosquito coil incense has certain harm to pregnant women, pregnant women are advised to reduce the use.

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