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Origin of modern mosquito repellent incense

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  In 1885, the city of Wakayama, known as "King oranges" of the mountain house (Wakayama is rich in oranges), a graduate of Keio University, Kamiyama Eiichiro (then 24 years old), set up a shop up the mountain, want to produce home oranges exported to foreign countries.
Kamiyama Eiichiro was introduced by mentor Fukuzawa Yoshi, the founder of the Meiji era and the founder of Keio University, to the boss of a plant company in the United states. The mountain warmly entertained the boss, and gave the orange, bamboo and other seedlings to the boss as a gift when returning home. The next year, the boss sent a box of plant seeds. The letter shows that many Americans are rich because of the production of this plant. The seeds are pyrethrum native to Yugoslavia.
  The boss of the American plant company explained in his letter that the plant could also be cultivated in the wasteland. Kamiyama Eiichiro then think that if the pyrethrum spread to all parts of the country. And the protection of crops, the crops are exported to foreign countries, might save some insects often by the poor peasants. Then, the mountain began to wander around the country. Unfortunately, most of the farmers are not interested. Kamiyama Eiichiro also thought that if the pyrethrum was made of ash, sprinkled on the crops, maybe the farmers could accept it, but the experiment was not effective.
  Stick mosquito repellent incense
  1888, Kamiyama Eiichiro, joss stick manufacturing artisans, spent two years, developed the world's first stick mosquito repellent incense. However, this looks like joss stick mosquito coils, an hour can continue, if want to lengthen, and easily broken, the mountain wife suggested to whirlpool. After repeated tests, to find a mountain with rod as the center, and then the method of manufacturing a rough rolled spiral mosquito, the roll manufacturing method until 1955 years, was fully mechanized.
  Although the shape problem has been solved, there is still a drying problem. Because if the coiled incense is put in wood drying, two incense will paste together, can not be divided into two whirlpool if mosquito repellent incense; hanging up dry, incense will lose. Fortunately, this was also the wife's advice, which turned out to be a drying process on the wire network, which has been going on until today.
  1902, the effectiveness can last more than seven hours, whirlpool mosquito repellent incense officially listed.
  In 1954, in the mosquito repellent incense into the ingredients more effective than pyrethrum allethrin, the pyrethrum has become only add fragrance of mosquito repellent ingredients, 0.3% to 0.6% is allethrin, the rest are sawdust, starch, Machilus powder. The smoke of burning mosquito repellent incense has no insecticidal effect, and the effective ingredient is transpiration from the small part before burning part.

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