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The invention source of mosquito repellent incense

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  The invention of mosquito repellent incense may be related to the customs of ancient dragon boat festival and the custom of burning incense and offering sacrifices. "Age Jingchu" records: "the Dragon Boat four people set foot grass, Cai AI think people, hanging on the door, let the gas". In the Dragon Boat Festival in people plug on their doors, but also often for male Yellow Wine painted on the body. This may make the air fresher, and secondly, the action of preventing mosquito bites.
  The invention of mosquito repellent incense may also be related to the custom of burning incense in ancient times. Chinese started early incense worship custom, the earliest record of this custom is the "Poems of hymns of Zhou Wei Qing": "Victoria Qing Wen Wang Dian, Zhao Ji Xi, Yin."   
  What is the Zhou people by burning some firewood smoke to heaven, known as "Yin" or "Yin worship".

  "Zhou Chun -" remember ", bulk bulk primary duty includes:" to worship Yin Haotian worship God, to worship the sun and the moon and the stars in You Chai, Liao, Siming, our worship in the wind, rain division division." The record is not later burned incense, just some firewood and cloth. "Zhou Li Tian Guan" has the saying "sacrifice, Xiao Mao", here, "Xiao" is a kind of vanilla.
  There was real incense burning in Han Dynasty, because there were incense burners in Han dynasty. In addition, historical records, Han Dynasty had by burning "to incense" to "prevent disease" records. Incense burning from the "communication with God" to "avoid disease", incense with the change of material, function is also expanding, so on this basis to develop "mosquito repellent" for the purpose of "mosquito repellent incense" is also reasonable.

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