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In the purchase of mosquito repellent incense, should pay attention to the following aspects

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  1, Look at the packaging box. The name, site, date of production, period of validity, composition, execution standard, pesticide registration certificate and so on should be included in the box. In the mosquito repellent incense packaging, there should be site, factory name, product standard number, pesticide temporary registration certificate number and pesticide production approval document number, etc., mosquito repellent products of pesticide regular word is "HNP" beginning, in the purchase to see whether there is the Ministry of agriculture registration.
  2, Look at the appearance. Taking the mosquito coil incense as an example, the rough surface shows that the quality is bad. For electric mosquito coil and liquid mosquito repellent incense, its plastic parts should not have obvious warping deformation, cracks, scratches, burrs, etc., and all fasteners shall not be loosened.
  3, Look at the production date. The closer the production date, the better the mosquito repellent effect.
  From the appearance, qualified mosquito repellent incense fine processing, uniform color, strong bending resistance, ignition time is about 7~8 hours; low quality mosquito repellent incense is rough surface, loose endoplasmic, easy to break, put out. Qualified mosquito repellent incense only yellow flame and white smoke after ignition, while poisonous mosquito repellent incense is green flame and black smoke. After the mosquito repellent incense is ignited, the smoke is light, the smell is not strong, and the natural essence of the incense; toxic mosquito incense in the process of opening and lighting, there will be a pungent, dizzy feeling, smell long will have palpitations, chest tightness and other adverse reactions. The qualified mosquito repellent incense should be white or grey, while the poisonous mosquito repellent incense is black.
  If it is impossible to identify whether the mosquito repellent incense is safe and qualified, and when the mosquito repellent incense is sent out, it should be stopped immediately. In addition, for the sake of safety, lit mosquito repellent incense is best not placed near the head, in order to reduce smoke inhalation.
  When buying mosquito repellent incense, it is best to see whether it is produced by large manufacturers, it is best to buy green, suitable for children to use mosquito coils, but the general mosquito repellent incense is best to use as little as possible, to prevent the entry of mosquitoes is the most critical.

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