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Safety pest control tips

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  (1) Read labels carefully before buying or using pesticides. It is used in accordance with the instructions on the label, and can not be used for other purposes.
  (2) The dosage should not exceed the limits of the pesticide. Excessive use will harm yourself and the environment.
  (3) Don't place pesticides near food or bowls or plates.
  (4) Don't let young children and pets close to pesticides and spray places.
  (5) Don't smoke when spraying.
  (6) Avoid inhaling insecticides.
  (7) If you want to mix different pesticides, you have to be careful so you don't spill it. I suggest you never do that. Unless you're studying chemistry, how do you know if this is making another terrible poison?
  (8) If you accidentally touch the skin or clothes, wash with soap and water quickly, and change the clothes immediately.
  (9) Pesticides should be kept in lockable places. Never pour it into other containers, especially bottles like coke. This bottle is the easiest way to attract children's attention.
  (10) Empty insecticide containers should be handled with care. Bottles of household insecticides can be wrapped up in newspapers, carefully strapped, and thrown into a covered garbage can. A large number of insecticide containers should be sent to special incinerators or disposal sites. Never burn yourself.
  (11) The use of pesticides, must wash their hands with soap, clothes should be washed immediately.
  (12) If someone eating pesticides, immediately in accordance with the instructions on the label of first aid, and to call the doctor or to the hospital as soon as possible. Remember to bring the labels of pesticides at the same time when you send them to the hospital so that doctors can deal with it correctly.

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