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What are the advantages and disadvantages of air freshener?

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  1, The price is cheap. This is the most obvious advantage of air freshener. The price of air freshener sold in general market is between 15-30 yuan, which is cheaper than that of car perfume.
  2, Easy to use. Commonly used air fresheners are aerosol, that is, spray, without any vehicle facilities.
  3, The choice of flavor more. For some fragrance loving drivers, especially female drivers, the attractive fragrance of air freshener is also the main reason to attract them.
  1. The most obvious defect of air freshener is the harm it contains to human body. At present a lot of market sales of air freshener types, but basically consists of ether, flavor and other ingredients, these substances in gas in the air after the chemical decomposition of some of the component itself is air pollutants, which is exacerbated by the pollution of the air inside the car, long-term use will have bad stimulation to the human body. In addition, the air freshener contains the aromatic agent on human nervous system will produce harm, stimulate children's respiratory tract mucosa, etc..
  2, There is another drawback of air freshener is that it does not decompose harmful gases, to achieve the purpose of clean air. Its function is to release the odor to cover the odor, rather than react with the gas in the air, which means that the effect of the air freshener does not eliminate the harmful gases in the air, it just by confusing people's smell to "desalt" odor.

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