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Electrothermal liquid mosquito repellent incense

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  Electric mosquito liquid and electric mosquito repellent incense paper, is composed of anophelifuge liquid and electric heater, the electric heater power, PTCR element began warming fever, and then rely on the PTCR element own temperature adjustment function, make it keep the temperature in a certain range. PTCR element heat transfer to the volatile liquid core by thermal radiation, the core of capillarity suction liquid by evaporation from a liquid medicine bottle to the mandrel is increased with scattered velocity in heat radiation heating, its effective component when the space reaches a certain concentration, to produce mosquito driving, paralysis, knock down and lethal effect. The inner wall temperature of the intermediate metal sleeve of the heating device for the electric liquid mosquito repellent incense is between 120-130 degrees centigrade, and the temperature of the volatile core is more suitable in the range of 90-100 degrees centigrade.
  At present, 1% (m/m) pyrethroid solution is mostly used, 45 ml per bottle, which can be used for 20-30 days (8-10 hours per day). The indoor effective range is about 15 square meters. This solution is made up of highly effective and safe pyrethroids and flavors. Electrothermal liquid mosquito repellent incense is easy to use, safe and stable. It does not need to replace new mosquito insects every day like electrothermal mosquito repellent insects. A bottle can be used for 30-45 days. But because the electrothermal liquid mosquito incense is transported by the mandrel, which is heated at the upper end of the mandrel to disperse the medicament. The boiling point and vapor pressure of each component in the medicament are different, and the substances with high boiling point and low vapor pressure accumulate gradually in the heating section of the mandrel, resulting in the phenomenon of "plugging" of the mandrel, which makes the components of the medicament unable to be transported synchronously and switched synchronou Hair. Therefore, the electric heating liquid mosquito repellent incense should consider the influence of boiling point and steam pressure on the blockage of the mandrel. It takes a lot of experiments to get a good formulation of insecticides, which is difficult to adjust, but mosquitoes with a single insecticide are more easily adapted to long-term use. The choice of flavors is also very Guan Jian, because most of the essential ingredients are complex and can not be dissolved in fatty hydrocarbons very well. Improper selection will cause blockage of the mandrel and may cause some effective components to precipitate, causing losses and affecting the efficacy. 
  Therefore, the electric liquid mosquito repellent incense should consider the influence of boiling point and vapor pressure of each component on the plug caused by the mandrel. A large number of experiments are needed to obtain a good formula, but the formulation is difficult to adjust, but the long-term use of a single agent mosquitoes is easier to adapt. And the choice of essence is also very Guan Jian, because most of the ingredients in the essence of complex, can not be dissolved in the fat hydrocarbon, improper choice will cause mandrel plugging, may also bring out some of the effective ingredients precipitation, resulting in loss and affect the efficacy.

  At present, the core rod is mainly made of wood, ceramic, resin and other materials. Foreign manufacturers are developing glass mandrel and plastic ceramic rod.
  Perfuming experiment electric mosquito liquid essence is obviously very important, even very experienced perfumer, also not sure he will not plug the flavor out of tune mandrel, because of various components of flavor contained in May with insecticide from chemical changes, high temperature and long time (90-100 C) may also cause more the "status" (including volatile low boiling components after some substances may precipitate, spices and other chemical changes between "condensation" and so on), which are difficult to completely from the theoretical analysis clearly only through patience and careful flavoring test in order to determine an essence in the end "line" or "no".

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