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How to choose laundry fluid?

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  Often wash clothes, a lot of clothing requires neutral laundry liquid cleaning, but what is the neutral laundry liquid? In fact, neutral washing liquid to pH value of about 7 of the washing liquid, suitable for all washable clothing, including silk, wool and other materials of clothing.
Why do you choose neutral laundry detergent?
  After the introduction of neutral laundry liquid, more and more people like it. Why do people like to choose neutral laundry detergent? What are the advantages of neutral laundry detergent?
  1. neutral formula, mild and non irritating: human skin is weak acidic, alkaline washing products such as washing powder, soap and other skin irritation, hand washing clothes hand heat, dry and even peeling. The neutral detergent doesn't stimulate the opponent's hands. It washes the clothes, especially the hands. It protects the hands from irritation.
  2. for a wide range of protective coat color: silk, wool, feather and other delicate material is not alkali resistant, do not use alkaline cleaning products, and neutral washing liquid for a wide range, such as washing liquid applied to cotton, linen, silk, wool (cashmere and feather), synthetic fiber, blended the texture clothes, also suitable for infant clothing, underwear and other personal clothing. Alkaline washing products are not easy to rinse, easy to remain, long-term use will speed up the yellowing of clothes, old, rinse unclean clothes on human skin irritation. The neutral laundry liquid has certain protective effect on clothes, and it is not easy to remain. The clothes after washing have no harm to the body.
  Two, what neutral laundry liquid is good?
  Laundry liquid products developed rapidly, many laundry liquid began to play "neutral" label, we often face in the supermarket supermarket neutral washing liquid, difficult to choose. What kind of neutral detergent is good?  There are three main standards for choosing neutral detergent: the higher the concentration, the less the amount; the lower the viscosity, the easier to dissolve; the less the foam, the more easy to rinse.
  The concentration is higher, the dosage is more: the concentration is high, that is, the content of active substances is high, the industry standard stipulates, laundry liquid total active matter content shall not be less than 15%.
  Neutral formula, hand protective clothing, especially reduce viscosity, improve the flowability of laundry liquid, easy to pour, pre coating, dissolving.
  The use of foam control technology, low foam and easy to drift, first rinse, rinse bubble is basic.
  Three, how to choose a good neutral laundry liquid?
  Neutral laundry liquid products so much, how should we in the life of good neutral laundry liquid? Neutral detergent is pH value of about 7 of the washing liquid. So the easiest way is that you can test with a PH test strip, if the color of the paper is the same as the Palette 7, or up and down between 6 and 8, it can be considered neutral.
  If we don't use PH test paper, how do we choose a good neutral detergent? Some netizens recommend a good way to share it with you today.
Look: the appearance of high quality products naked eyes to see no impurities or layered; and defective products have a thick layer of dilute. At the same time, color neutral laundry liquid color is stable, long-term color is not changed; poor will have dispersion, fade phenomenon. When buying, pay attention to the label, good neutral laundry liquid packaging should have product name, net weight, product instructions, factory name, site, shelf life and so on, in addition, the product label on the trademark clear pattern, no deinking phenomenon.
  Smell: good neutral washing liquid pure fragrance, durable; the difference will be partial acid, with astringency.
  Question: when you buy, ask more about the historical background of the production enterprise, whether professional, brand reputation, etc..
  Cut: good neutral washing liquid with hand touch, moderate viscosity, uniform composition, and poor laundry liquid, feel extremely sticky or very thin, the bottom has precipitation.

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