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Washing liquid market prospect

Category:Industry News Time:2017-11-16 10:29:17 Click:1141 次

  In recent years, China's laundry liquid market has developed rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of 100% - 200%, while the average annual growth rate of the washing powder market is very slow.
  In spite of the rapid growth of Chinese laundry detergent sales, the share of laundry detergent in China is still low compared with developed countries. In the United States, laundry detergent in the entire detergent market accounted for more than 80%, in France, the proportion of laundry liquid is also more than 61%, while in our country, only 4.2% of liquid detergent share.

  It is obvious that the detergent market has great potential for growth.

  In today's highly modern, there are still many consumers washing clothes by hand washing method. In hand washing clothes, in the face of powder, soap, liquid choice of three detergents, affected by traditional habits, many consumers are still accustomed to use powder, soap hand washing clothes, into this market segment will be the general trend.

  At present, the detergent market competition is mainly concentrated in the first-tier cities, with the increase of two or three and improve the income level of people's life in the city Tian line, the washing liquid demand will continue to increase. Therefore, in the two or three line city small town laundry liquid market development space is also very big.
Laundry fluid buying habits
1, more than 60% of people usually buy 1 times 1-2 months of laundry liquid;
2, in the choice of laundry liquid, consumers pay attention to the functional characteristics of liquid laundry, brand, followed by the price, once again, machine washing / hand washing characteristics;
3, bottled laundry liquid more popular by consumers;
4, water saving, green, safe, not hurt the hand;

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