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Mosquito repellent incense is the role of mosquito repellent or mosquito killing?

Category:Industry News Time:2017-11-16 10:28:19 Click:1139 次

  Now the effective components of mosquito repellent incense are mostly pyrethroid insecticides, whether it is mosquito coil incense, electric mosquito coils, mosquito coils, which contain pesticides, the difference is that different manufacturers of pesticide products may vary.

  In theory, as long as the concentration of pesticides reaches a certain value, the mosquitoes will be killed for a certain amount of time. But in practice, the room is rarely confined space, the concentration of pesticides in the air is not high, the role of mosquito repellent accounts for the main factors. In addition, we pay more attention to health, mosquito repellent products in registration requirements can not be too high, so the role of mosquito killing is less than the role of mosquito repellent, after all, as long as the mosquitoes do not come to bite us, our purpose is reached. But according to the national standard, mosquito repellent incense test, in airtight conditions can kill mosquitoes.

  The mosquito repellent, which can be applied on the skin products, outdoor activities can avoid mosquito bites.

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