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Corporate culture: innovation is the soul, human is the root, quality is the root, keep pace with the times, lead the future. The staff of workers work, the company staff to be sincere, sincere cooperation with suppliers, the company dedicated service to customers, company, employees, customers and suppliers full trust. In order to achieve the common promotion of employees, companies and supply chain, that is to achieve the continuous improvement of the benefits of the entire supply chain of employees, companies, customers and suppliers. Any act within the company shall avoid harming the interests of either party.
Management concept: people-oriented, institutionalized management, standardized work, procedural procedures, analysis of data.
Talent view: attitude determines ability, ability is more important than educational background, ability is the first, loyalty is the most important, and both ability and integrity have both ability and political integrity.
Advocating spirit: diligence and sureness, advocating enterprising, and having courage to innovate

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